Apply for 2020 Agriculture Scholarships

Champaign County Farm Bureau Foundation is an organization started as a dream some 35 years ago. True agricultural visionaries saw the need to offer scholarships to local students studying agriculture. They awarded 2 scholarships in 1986. To date they have given away over $940,000 and will be close to going over $1,000,000 in total this[…] Read More

And the awards go to…. 2018 top producers

January and February are busy months for me as I collect the data from all of our farms, put it all into detailed reports and make distributions to our clients and affiliates. Despite the desk time required this time of year, it is always rewarding to illustrate the return on investment for the hard work[…] Read More

2017 Crop tour wrap up

Here are my final thoughts from this year’s tour.  It was copied from the blog so no new insights since 7-3. 1.  Indiana has little chance to be average.  Warren and Benton Counties are typically two of the best counties in the State.  We traveled both and found, replanted fields, low plant stands (in fields[…] Read More

2017 Crop Tour

Follow along as we tour Western Indiana, Illinois, Southern Minnesota and Iowa to assess the potential of this year’s crops (1650 plus miles in 3 days). This will be our 4th tour.  We went the first time in 2011, then again in 2012, took 2013, 2014 and 2015 off, they resumed in 2016 and now[…] Read More

Harvest results are in

2016 was certainly an interesting crop harvest season.  In central Illinois, we had a very warm somewhat wet season.  We expected to harvest our largest crop ever and we feel just short of that expectation.  When the final bins are emptied and all of the sheets tallied it appears that we will harvest the second[…] Read More

Harvest has begun in Central Illinois

Harvest if off and running here around Central Illinois.   I traveled last week in Iowa and found that they virtually had not started anything but Seed Corn harvest.  I would expect that we will get a good week in here.  Some of the early yield reports are all over the board.  I am hearing[…] Read More