Our Story

AG Farm Management began in June 1999 as the combination of the farmland assets of Clinton Atkins and the management expertise of Jim Goss. The business has grown from an infant business of 2,500 acres to a maturing business of nearly 20,000 acres. AG Farm Management and the Atkins Group provide unique solutions/perspectives in all types of real estate.

Our Mission

Provide cutting edge solutions through the use of modern farming technology and conservative portfolio management to maximize landowner profits and long-term sustainability.

Rows of soybeans sprouting in a recently planted field

A corn field at dusk

Our Vision

Use our expertise to maximize landowner returns while growing our business so that we create win-win solutions for all involved.

Core Values

  • Treat all clients, farm operators, and vendors with the utmost respect. Apply the Golden Rule in all situations.
  • Build Relationships with landowners, tenants and suppliers that are mutually beneficial.
  • Manage farms with the client’s goals as the number one priority.
  • Provide ideas so that EVERY farm in the portfolio is better today than it was a year ago.
  • Use modern technology to maximize profits, minimize environmental impact, and meet client profit goals.