Grain being harvested

Our Services

Farm Management

  • Represent landowners (clients)
  • Advise farmers
  • Negotiate leases
  • Make daily decisions
  • Make capital improvement decisions
  • Make decisions regarding USDA programs
  • Keep accurate records
  • Keep financial records
  • Scout crops for pests
  • Make fertility recommendations
  • Make seed recommendations
  • Make herbicide recommendations
  • Buy inputs (seed, fertilizer, chemicals)
  • Sell grains
  • Analyze returns of farms
  • Make farm purchase/sale recommendations
  • Interview potential tenants
  • Prepare written reports
  • Communicate with landowners, tenants, and suppliers.

Farm Brokerage

  • Negotiate agreements (listing, contracts, buy/sell offers)
  • Analyze properties
  • Offer advice to buyers or sellers
  • Attend closings
  • Evaluate soils
  • Evaluate property improvements
Corn kernels still on the cobSoybeans ready for harvest


  • Monitor markets and make grain sales
  • Client financial reports
  • Monitor planting progress
  • Evaluate plant populations
  • Scout for pests (weeds/insects) and make any needed corrections


  • Review and visit farms
  • Client financial reports
  • Monitor grain markets
  • Make needed sales


  • Track grain inventory
  • Make fertilizer recommendations
  • Evaluate leases
  • Make grain marketing decisions to manage future cash flow
  • Visit fields to monitor soil erosion
  • Review potential future capital improvement projects


  • Meet with tenants to discuss next year’s crop plan
  • Review yield maps
  • Evaluate low yielding areas for future improvements
  • Client annual report and future budgets
  • Monitor and make grain sales
  • Review and make crop insurance decisions
  • Secure crop year inputs (seed, fertilizer, pesticides)