2021 Crop Tour to begin June 21
The 2021 Crop Tour begins on June 21 in Champaign Illinois. We needed to cut one day out of our tour this year , but will still travel some 1,600 miles West and North through parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, in 3 days. There are 21 predetermined stops along the way with 9 in Illinois, 10 in Iowa and 3 in Minnesota. Many of these fields are annual stops so we can compare the corn crop versus our last stop in 2020.

This year’s tour stats are as follows. We will be in 21 counties with 8 of those stops being in a County with a Top 5 three year average corn yield for their respective State. Five of these stops will be in counties that are in the lowest 25% of their respective State for three year average corn yield. The number one county is Crawford County Iowa (Western Iowa). The lowest average corn yield on the tour is Jackson County Minnesota (Southwestern MN).

As I write today 3 days before the start, Knox County Illinois has the largest amount of rain year to date (19.59″) and largest amount since April 10 (10.95″). Hardin County Iowa has the least rain year to date at only 8.54 inches and Marshall County Iowa has the least since April 10 at 3.56 inches. The rain stats project extreme dryness across the majority of the three states we will travel. We will be interested to see if it has had an effect on the crop yet.

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