And the awards go to…. 2018 top producers

January and February are busy months for me as I collect the data from all of our farms, put it all into detailed reports and make distributions to our clients and affiliates. Despite the desk time required this time of year, it is always rewarding to illustrate the return on investment for the hard work and diligent expertise of our land management.

For the last couple of years, I have awarded our top producers with a certificate and $100 gift card as small gesture to acknowledge and congratulate their success.

Jerry and Keith Reinhart not only won our 2018 Top Corn Yield Award, they were distinguished as the number one corn producers in Illinois and second in the nation (in their class). Their success was highlighted and awarded at the 2019 Commodity Classic in Florida. Congratulations Jerry and Keith!

I also had the pleasure of awarding Doug and Bob Schroeder with the AG Farm Management award for 2018 Top Soybean Yield.

Thank you to the Reinhardt’s and the Schroeder’s and all of our affiliates for a fantastic year. We at AG Farm Management congratulate you and appreciate you for all you do.