Harvest results are in

2016 was certainly an interesting crop harvest season.  In central Illinois, we had a very warm somewhat wet season.  We expected to harvest our largest crop ever and we feel just short of that expectation.  When the final bins are emptied and all of the sheets tallied it appears that we will harvest the second largest corn crop and and the second largest soybean crop ever!

The harvest season was longer than our norm.  It really felt like we would be substantially complete by October 15th (45-55 days) and the actual date was closer to November 1 and final date was November 16th.  60-75 day harvest seasons are really hard on our farm operators and their families.  Long hours and short nights are the norm during harvest.  The sooner we are able to wrap up harvest the sooner we can get our friends rested and recovered.  Thankfully we made it through yet another season with no major injuries or major problems with our farms.

December brings planning season where our operators make their way into our office and we plan for the next season.  It is a time I relish and really enjoy catching up.  It is a time we can relax, reflect and put our thoughts and wishes together to present to our clients/owners for the next year.  It is a time where my time is precious and my phone is busy.  Accountants enjoy tax season; farmers enjoy planting and harvest seasons; I enjoy the year-end planning season!

Wishing you all a fun December!